As it is for all great ideas,

it always takes implementation.

The making of "SIXTY FIVE".



When Jim Settle asked his friend and customer Darren Connor, founder of BIER BREWERY, if he wanted to do a commemoritve bier for the Red Key Tavern's 65th Anniversary,

it was on!

From the minds of creatives. Sarah is the Creative Director for BIER BREWERY. She was challenged with coming up with the look and feel of this important tribute to one of the best taverns in the country.

Little known fact- the original name for the bier was "The Key"

Thanks for naming it "SIXTY FIVE"

Ryan Connor. Yea, he's family at BIER BREWERY.

So once the name was chosen, Sarah got to work on the design and layout. Creatives being creative at the Red Key. Gotta love that!

And then comes production. Where the rubber meets the road. The Red Key Tavern and

BIER BREWERY are all about hands on. That's what happens when you care about the final product.

Jerry Connor (Co-Owner, BIER BREWERY) making sure the final product is up to expections of a 65th Anniversary. That's what BIER BREWERY does.

Cans ready to be filled....

and here we go!

The first case of

And 240 cases later you now know the the love story.

It's for you Russ and what you created for the patrons who find comfort in the Red Key Tavern.

Thank you again


Darren, Jerry, Ryan

Sarah and all at Bier.

You are Awesome!

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