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Special Red Key Announcement

Loyal Patron of the Red Key Tavern  Fred Glass

(former Indiana University Athletic Director)

has written a book titled  

Make Your Own Luck

You can order Fred's book

by clicking here.

Watch the video Fred recorded in the Red

Key about his journey and writing his new book.

Fred Glass

Dan Wakefield              Will Higgins

Thanks for supporting Uncle Dan's Story Hour.
We appreciated all the love!
All shows sold out!!!


featuring Author and Screenwriter Dan Wakefield.
With host Will Higgins from the Indianapolis Star,
it was a chance to hear life stories from a master of the word.
The shows were recorded live in the Legendary Red Key Tavern and then a 2 year broadcast on 90.1 WFYI Public Radio Indianapolis.



 Anne Ryder

Susan Neville

Sophie Faught

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